Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Quantum Relationship

CD - “Quantum Nature”

This tune was very much in keeping with the Quantum Nature theme. Many of the lyrical phrases are physics references disguised as emotional expressions to a loved one. I have no idea why I wrote it that way. I was never very fond of writing love songs, but perhaps this was an acceptable substrate on which to attempt one.

There are a couple of slight references to string theory. But nothing too deep. There are also some basic parallels mentioned between human relationships and attraction between physical bodies.

We sometimes say that a relationship between two people is 'meant to be'. I was interested in Laplacian Determinism - a 19th notion proposed by Pierre-Simon deLaplace. He posited that a vast enough intelligence capable of taking an immediate inventory of all particles in the universe could theoretically foretell all future events by applying Newtonian physics. The concept is astounding, but it is not exactly true. Heisenberg, Schrödinger, and quantum mechanics in general, show us that we cannot know the exact position and velocity of any particle; we can only know its probability functions. Getting back to the analogy of human relationships, we cannot always know how things will work out. But we should always aim for success.

In looking at my old notes, I recall now that these lyrics where originally set to a very different tune. But the original song was poorly constructed and rather disjointed. So a re-write was in order.

I was experimenting with playing different chords together at the same time and forming a hybrid. This song contains an example of this effect and is audible in the introduction in the first few bars of the guitar notes. The first two bars are the first chord. The next bars are joined by the second chord played in the same sequence. The pattern repeats at the start of the second verse also. Not a big deal, but it created a nice melody which couldn't have been played by one guitar alone.

The oboe is one of my favorite orchestral instruments. The short quiet part in the middle briefly features a software version of this instrument.

This song was written in the mid-90's sometime. The endings sounds somewhat like the ending to Bravado by Rush (Roll the Bones album). I always loved the ending of that song. But the similarity was not planned at all. It was only noticeable when the two basic chord progressions in the song were coupled together, repeated, and supported by a heavier and more constant drum beat. Just when you think you are being original, you are reminded that 'it has all been done before'.


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