Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Album - The Three Cities

The next city along the journey is Tlön. For some reason, I thought that this city would be bleak and sparsely inhabited even though there is nothing to suggest this in the Borges story. I imagined a city where most of the structures had crumbled leaving only the plumbing somewhat intact. This would result in a landscape of rubble from which lattices of old pipe reluctantly emerge in repeating rows like a lead and copper vineyard. (The picture below doesn't depict this idea. But bleak and sparsely inhabited is certainly conveyed nicely.)

I was listening to King Crimson and some Porcupine Tree when putting this one together. So these influences plus the mental picture produced a little strangeness and perhaps some dissonance in the music.

Art from http://www.futuretimeline.net/forum/topic/8843-dystopian-picturesvideos/
Spoken words recorded from Anime Series Haibane Renmei


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