Friday, 15 February 2013

A305 on Wednesday

Album - "Measure of Success"

Another instrumental tune. Originally written and recorded in 1989 on a Wednesday evening where I was living at the time in an apartment unit numbered A305. I couldn't think of another name, so "A305 on Wednesday" is what I ended up calling it.

The first demo of this song was recorded on a four-track tape machine. I was experimenting with recording a heavier rock sound and learning from the challenges of capturing that style successfully on tape. I didn't have a drum machine or any rhythm software. The drum track was performed live by hammering away at a keyboard connected to a Roland sound module that had the standard MIDI arrangement of drum sounds assigned to various keys. Despite my poor sense of timing, the over-all results were encouraging.

About 15yrs later I resumed my recording hobby again. This time I was using digital recording with professional drum loops and unlimited availability of tracks. Some of the original 'sound' was lost because of the more organized timing and format. But the re-recorded result is comparable to the original.

The song itself is a very simple variation on D and G chords with an odd note-based middle section. The song had no real conceptual theme or visual association for me except that it is a happy, upbeat tune. The whole thing was simply a learning exercise for young guy with a tape recorder.

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