Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Entrance Me, You Do

Album - "Measure of Success"

Instrumental tune. The main theme emerged while playing on a Korg DW-8000 (which I still have). It is an 8-voice polyphonic synth, but there are a few presets in the bank that are monophonic using all 8 voices at once. In the monophonic mode, some of the presets are programmed such that a key will sound when it is pressed, as per usual. If a second key is pressed while still holding the 1st one, its sound will replace the first key, as expected. However, when the second key is released, the first key sounds again.

This property has the effect of multiplying the notes played and is what contributed to the feel of this tune. I was thinking about electronic dance-type music when I was working through the main melody. However, as the piece evolved during the recording process, my progressive rock roots took over. Not sure if that improved the piece or diluted it.

The tune was re-worked recently to exploit the melody a little more. I have a tendency not to linger on an idea very long. This sometimes prevents an idea from being taken to its logical extent. Need more patience perhaps.

The retro electronic-sounding base and arpeggio in the second half of the song is from a demo version of the Rapture Synth. The electric piano is a demo version of Lounge Lizard.

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