Friday, 25 January 2013

Measure of Success

Album - "Measure of Success"

Written and recorded about 12-14yrs ago. Re-worked it recently to get the mixing a bit more balanced.

The title is obviously a play on words. A person hopes for a measure, or degree, of success in their activities. They also hope that the success is enough to be measured somehow.

I was thinking about these things when children came into my life. Benchmarks for 'success' start emerging when you bring little ones into the world. Other people may have opinions on how to best guide children. We may have our own uncertain ideals. Corporations have an interest in cultivating life-long consumers of our children through invasive advertising. The educational system has its agendas too.

How does one measure success in terms of providing guidance and happiness for another human life? That is basically what this song is about.

There is a lyric in the song that describes a family as making their way through life like vines growing toward a common light source. The picture sort of captures these ideas for me.

Picture modified from artwork from Star Wars Old Republic © Copyright Lucasfilm Entertainment Company.

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