Monday, 7 January 2013


Album - "For Good"

A song I wrote a few years ago about comic book superheroes. Each verse is a loose reference to a specific Marvel or DC character. I had the concept in mind for years until finally writing the lyrics when the right music presented itself. A friend lent his skill on the guitar solo.

The tune was originally recorded when I was just learning the digital recording process using Cakewalk's Sonar program. There were several aspects of the recording that were unsatisfactory. After recently seeing the Avengers movie, I got the idea to have another go at re-mixing the tune. The results this time are a little better.

The drums were downloaded from the Dooley Drums website. After re-working them a bit, they seemed to fit the sound of his song better than any drum tracks I had previously used.

Maybe I'll have another look at some of the other tunes recorded during that period.

Comic book art property of Marvel and DC comics.

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